Shukri Hashi Bridal is a worldwide fashion brand launched in 2014 in London.

SHB offers bespoke designs which elegantly combine the traditional Somali bridal print with beautiful modern

western styles. Bridal wear which suits your special day, perfectly designed to meet your dream vision


Shukri Hashi is a first generation Somali living in the UK. Her unique brand seeks to cater for those many Somali

women who’ve made their homes in countries outside of Somalia, and yet still seek to maintain a connection

with the homeland

Shukri was raised in London, England for majority of her life. With a keen interest in fashion, she pursued

her passion at the London College of Fashion, where she graduated in 2008.


The bespoke collection aims to combine the instantly recognisable traditional Somali print with the modern

western style. Today Somalis live in many countries across the globe, and many Somali women have often

been forced to have two wedding ceremonies which seek to cater for the white dress and the traditional


Now, such choices, are unnecessary.

Shukri Hashi Bridal will offer Somali brides the chance to wear garments bearing the traditional print which

have been integrated into their beautiful gown.